Are your garage door’s springs broken? LV Garage Pro’s trained technicians are on constantly on call in order to replace and fix your springs anywhere in the Las Vegas Metro Area. With our trained technicians and high quality components we are able to fix your garage back to working condition. Our biggest goal is to ensure that the process is painless for every single one of our customers. LV Garage Pros will replace the broken springs with newer, higher quality springs even if your previous garage door springs were not as high of a quality.


Our preferred springs are made up of tempered steel. We avoid low quality galvanized steel. We guarantee that your new springs won’t warp, creating even more wear on your garage system.

Torsion Springs

torsion-spring-repair-620x465Torsion springs lift almost all of the door’s weight. They are the most likely part of your garage door assembly to break. The average spring is able to go through its cycle about ten thousand times before it begin to wear. If you examine your torsion springs, make sure to do so with caution. There is a lot of pressure throughout the assembly, and it can even break with a lot of force in a lot of instances.

Extension Springs

These are used specifically for a perpendicular system in comparison to the door. LV Garage Pro’s technicians can replace the broken springs with newer, higher quality springs.


Spring replacement & repair services available in these cities: