Do you have a couple panels that are not looking very good on door? We will replace them all over the Las Vegas Metro Area!

garage-door-panels-620x465In the instance that the panel or the group of panels are damaged on the garage door, don’t worry. It’s a lot cheaper to just replace one or two panels than to replace the entire garage door. Buying a new garage door can add up very quickly based on the brand of the door. If the garage door is in good enough shape besides a few bent, broken, or busted panels it only makes sense to simply repair or replace those panels. Based on the number of panels however, it may be a better option to purchase an entire new garage door. Consult an expert before making the decision.

The Greatest Garage Door Panel Replacement Services In Las Vegas, NV

Nobody knows panel replacement, installation or repair better than the LV Garage Pros. Pay the lowest possible cost for our expert services. We offer the lowest rates and prices on every type of panels.

We Work With Every Brand

Choosing The Right Type Of Panel Style

Garage-Door-Panel-Repair-CostFirst you will need to find the correct panel to match the style of your home. For instance, if you are living in a Craftsman bungalow, you may need doors that are similar to the swing-outs found on the garages of earlier Craftsman homes. Many manufacturers of today’s roll-up doors will have new style options that will replicate old swing doors. Garage doors with true and real frame-and-panel construction style are often a lot stronger of a choice than ones with elaborate and decorative details, which is generally only nailed or glued. There are many options of garage door materials, such as steel, wood, and aluminum.

Panel Replacement services are available in these cities: