Many modern openers have the option to own a keypad mounted to the exterior of the house to obtain access to the door without a mobile remote. This keypad is a great option for a variety of reasons; dog walking or going for a jog, letting the neighbors access your house while on vacation, when children arrive from school, and many alternatives.

Is a home keypad an affective safety measure?

garage-door-keypads-installToday’s keypads are quite different from older models of keypads, they aren’t easy to get into as when they were wired into the home. Unfortunately this also created more of an obstacle to install. Today, keypads function just like openers and connect to the system to open the door. They essentially send a signal through the garage to contact the garage door itself. It is a lot safer and is much more difficult to get into than keypads in the past.

We can help program or even fix one that has been purchased, or installed and program new keypads. At LV Garage Pros we work with every top brand. Go ahead and call us right now for a complimentary estimate!

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