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  • Are free estimates available?

    Of Course! We’ll give a complimentary estimate right through the phone during our office’s open hours of 8am to 6pm Monday through Friday. Our estimates aren’t an obligation of service.

  • One of my springs is broken: Am I still able to use the garage door?

    The basic response is NO, it’s extremely dangerous to use it because the spring won’t support the door’s weight, which can cause certain issues to emerge. You’ll want to have the garage door springs changed by a trained professional if the springs break.

  • How expensive is it to repair my springs?

    Depending on your garage door’s brand, the springs and size you would like to be installed, the cost can range anywhere between 100$ and 300$. LV Garage Pros offers phenomenal pricing that beats every other business in the industry.

  • How expensive is it to replace my garage door opener?

    Industry standards for replacement services is around 350$ total including the unit installation as well as the opener. However prices range depending on labor time and the brand name.

  • We heard an extremely loud noise from the garage, and the door won’t open. What is wrong with my door?

    Most likely a spring broke off of the door assembly. You are able to tell if the springs broke by taking a look at the door’s shaft across from the spring, you’ll be able to notice a separation that of about 2 inches of separation between the shaft and the spring. If the extension spring is broken you’ll find them in two separate different pieces. In this situation you will need to get the springs replace in order to operate the garage door properly.

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